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 ELITE Nurses Staffing Agency LLC, delivering an elite care service to our clients. We support both private and public health organization by providing permanent or temporary qualified nursing staff. Our goal is to understand your expectations that no other agency is dedicated to your staffing needs than we do.

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“I am impressed with your staff’s professionalism and genuine interest in learning about our company. I’m also looking forward to opportunities with Elite Nurses staffing and appreciate your willingness to work on my behalf."
Adam Sendler
“My experience with Elite Nurses staffing and the hiring/placement process has been seamless. Everything from responding to the employment ad on the internet to the first week of work has been nicely handled."
Mila Kunis
“I had a great experience with Elite nurses Staffing. I have met with many staffing agencies in the past, but Revamp staffing was the first to take the time to get to know me and find a company that would best fit my long-term career goals.”
Mike Stuart

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